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How much do you know about the various aspects of physiatry recruitment to include compensation, contracts, practice management?

Take this quiz and find out!


Question #1.   Should you hire someone with a personality like yours?

Question #2.   What are the two major reasons doctors leave their employer?

Question #3.   How long does the average practice search take?

Question #4.   Can a restrictive covenant apply to part-time work?

Question #5.   What was the average physiatry compensation in 2019?

Question #6.   When you leave a practice what items might you have to repay?

Question#7.   What are the 3 main factors in determining the value of the practice in a buy-in agreement?

Question #8.  [ . . . ]

Physiatry Recruitment in Corona Virus Times

How Covid Has Changed the Employer’s Physiatry Search

Covid requires some tweaking of the employer’s search for a new physiatrist.  First, less employers are hiring PM&R doctors during Covid.  So hats off to those employers who have the financial ability to add a physician medicine and rehabilitation physician!  If you’re seeking a new physiatry graduate, it should be easier to recruit from the standpoint of supply and demand although as usual many PM&R residents go onto fellowships.  Hiring an experienced physicial med and rehab doctor may be easier or more difficult.  If you’re in an urban area that has been hard [ . . . ]

Why Physiatry Recruitment Firms are Useful and Cost-effective

High demand and low supply increases the competition to find a doctor which creates the usefulness of a physiatry recruitment firm. Recruitment firms provide many useful services to include sourcing, screening, qualifying, appointment-setting, closing, interview prepping, debriefing, offer negotiation and counteroffer-defense.  Many of these services often go unnoticed by either the physician candidate or the hiring entity.  The networking capabilities of a physician recruitment firm that has been doing solely physical medicine and rehabilitation recruitment for 20+ years like Farr Healthcare, Inc. provides an employer with a unique resource and great capability and some might even say priceless advantage.

Through the [ . . . ]

More about Farr Healthcare, Inc.

Background of Linda Farr

A resident just asked me to describe Farr Healthcare, Inc. physiatry recruitment services.    In a nutshell, my father was a doctor and I’ve been doing physician recruitment since I finished graduate school.  I became involved in physiatry when I was hired as Director, Physician Recruitment for Continental Medical Systems, formerly the nation’s largest physical medicine and rehab provider where I recruited the Medical Directors for 60-bed rehab hospitals across the country.  I was employed by the company as opposed to being an independent contractor therefore both the company and the contracted doctors had to be [ . . . ]

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