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Physician Recruitment Services

Why You Should Use A Physician Recruiter

The other day a resident asked me how using a Farr Healthcare, Inc. for physiatry recruitment is different than pursuing positions on her own.

First, some employers use Farr Healthcare, Inc. exclusively for their physiatry recruitment.  You might be missing out on a practice opportunity unless you consider openings with Farr Healthcare.  Farr Healthcare has been in business for 30+ years so most physiatrists know us and reach out to us when they want to add a physiatrist.  This familiarity is fostered by Farr Healthcare’s reaching out to senior residents and fellows each year.

Saving time is important to everyone.  The list [ . . . ]


How much do you know about the various aspects of physiatry recruitment to include compensation, contracts, practice management?

Take this quiz and find out!


Question #1.   Should you hire someone with a personality like yours?

Question #2.   What are the two major reasons doctors leave their employer?

Question #3.   How long does the average practice search take?

Question #4.   Can a restrictive covenant apply to part-time work?

Question #5.   What was the average physiatry compensation in 2019?

Question #6.   When you leave a practice what items might you have to repay?

Question#7.   What are the 3 main factors in determining the value of the practice in a buy-in agreement?

Question #8.  [ . . . ]

Physiatry Recruitment in Corona Virus Times

How Covid Has Changed the Employer’s Physiatry Search

Covid requires some tweaking of the employer’s search for a new physiatrist.  First, less employers are hiring PM&R doctors during Covid.  So hats off to those employers who have the financial ability to add a physician medicine and rehabilitation physician!  If you’re seeking a new physiatry graduate, it should be easier to recruit from the standpoint of supply and demand although as usual many PM&R residents go onto fellowships.  Hiring an experienced physicial med and rehab doctor may be easier or more difficult.  If you’re in an urban area that has been hard [ . . . ]

Why Physiatry Recruitment Firms are Useful and Cost-effective

High demand and low supply increases the competition to find a doctor which creates the usefulness of a physiatry recruitment firm. Recruitment firms provide many useful services to include sourcing, screening, qualifying, appointment-setting, closing, interview prepping, debriefing, offer negotiation and counteroffer-defense.  Many of these services often go unnoticed by either the physician candidate or the hiring entity.  The networking capabilities of a physician recruitment firm that has been doing solely physical medicine and rehabilitation recruitment for 20+ years like Farr Healthcare, Inc. provides an employer with a unique resource and great capability and some might even say priceless advantage.

Through the [ . . . ]

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