Testimonials of our truly remarkable Physiatry placement service from employers:

“It is with great pleasure that I offer Linda Farr my recommendation for her excellent work in physician recruiting and placement. Ms. Farr is extremely capable and knowledgeable in her chosen field of work. She is unfailingly courteous, cheerful, prompt and helpful.”
– S. Parameshwaran, M.D.

“You have a great reputation and we are lucky to have your help! ”
– Ron Bingham, M.D

“Linda Farr has provided exemplary work for my hospital, as well as several of the other HealthSouth hospitals across the country. She recently helped us place an outpatient PM&R physician. What I have appreciated most about Linda is her commitment to me as the client, as well as her commitment to the physician. Even after she had received her payment, Linda has continued to stay in contact with both of us to assure that the relationship was what we both had expected. She has offered to smooth out rough spots if need be and has done a fabulous job of keeping a pulse on our relationship, something that I would expect from a high-class recruiter.”
– Kristen DeHart, Administrator, HealthSouth, Overland Park, KS

Testimonials of our truly remarkable Physiatry placement service from doctors looking for work:

“I appreciate your staying and keeping in touch with me. I really appreciate your help and will always mention you to other residents and fellows when they ask about recruiters. Other recruiters whom I had brief contract with were less than knowledgeable about the PM&R field.”
– Fred Newton, M.D.

“I wanted to thank you for all of your time and energy in helping me look for opportunities. I have been extremely busy with the fellowship so I know I have not always been easy to get a hold of. Thank you for your perseverance. I will definitely refer other PM&R people your way.”
– John Groner, M.D.

“Thanks for your email. Thank you for your time. You have a great company in my opinion.”
– Kevin Hsu, M.D.

“Linda was very helpful when I was searching for the right spot, and eventually decided to take the position I have been growing for the last eight years. I was very comfortable with her low-pressure approach and her knowledge of the ever-changing PM&R job market. It is good to see her at every PM&R Annual Assembly, just to say thanks.”
-Enrique Linan, M.D., Medical Director, Mission Hospital Rehab unit

“Your reputation as a reputable recruitment resource precedes you.”
-Giovanni David, M.D.

$1,000 referral bonus for a doctor candidate lead that results in a placement!
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