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How do you choose a PM&R job?  It’s often geography, family, compensation or a combination of these items and more.   This blog will help you to identify among the myriad of physical medicine and rehabilitation jobs which might be the best for you.  It will include information about geography, compensation and other aspects such as the job responsibilities, call, acute versus chronic pain, etc. so you can best determine what fits your needs.




This physical medicine and rehabilitation job offers the potential for ownership in the ASC and, if interested, practice ownership!  This [ . . . ]

What’s Wrong With These Curriculum Vitae? – A Primer On How To Prepare Your Curriculum Vitae

Writing your curriculum vitae can be challenging.  What should you include, how should you say it and more questions come to mind.  What font, what text, what order and so many more questions arise.

One of the most important aspects of your cv is the contact information.  It should be front and center on your cv and bold.  It should include your name with your M.D. or D.O. title, your cell phone, your email address and your address.

There is a typical format to follow which you can find at click here.  If you are a resident, you should list your [ . . . ]

Why You Should Use A Physician Recruiter

The other day a resident asked me how using a Farr Healthcare, Inc. for physiatry recruitment is different than pursuing positions on her own.

First, some employers use Farr Healthcare, Inc. exclusively for their physiatry recruitment.  You might be missing out on a practice opportunity unless you consider openings with Farr Healthcare.  Farr Healthcare has been in business for 30+ years so most physiatrists know us and reach out to us when they want to add a physiatrist.  This familiarity is fostered by Farr Healthcare’s reaching out to senior residents and fellows each year.

Saving time is important to everyone.  The list [ . . . ]

Physiatry Job Openings

I received a call from a physiatrist asking what the compensation should be for a 20-bed rehab unit.  He was given a contract with a $139/hour stipend for 4 hours per week of administrative work.

An $80,000 – $100,000 stipend is the average annual stipend at large freestanding rehab hospitals for a PM&R doctor.  The average Physiatry Medical Director Stipend for rehab units varies from facility to facility. It depends on the unit’s size and what the unit’s needs and expectations are. The exact amount the Director receives is based on an hourly pre-determined fee for administrative costs only. The contract [ . . . ]

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