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Physiatry Supervision of Ancillary Staff

A physiatrist asked me recently about the supervision of ancillary staff.  He was asked to start supervising ancillary staff as part of his job.  He asked me how much he should be paid additionally to do this.  He had a concern about the litiguous position it might put him.  I’m not familiar with this subject so I asked a Bruno Stillo, a colleague and owner of Physiatry Billing Specialists, and he also was not familiar with this circumstance.  A reference on this subject was found on the web,  It says that physician supervision is VERY profitable to [ . . . ]

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctor Supply

It seems everyone wants to add a physiatrist to their practice, hospital, etc.  There are so many physical medicine and rehabilitation jobs on ourwebsite.  Interventional physiatry jobs are also plentiful.  Who’s going to fill all these openings?  What’s the supply of physiatrists in the US?

Physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor supply with pictures of doctors

The number of medical school applicants from 2018 to 2019 increased by 1.1%.  This very small increase doesn’t bode well for physician supply in general.  Many more physicians, to include physiatrists, are needed to fill all the physical [ . . . ]

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Jobs and Physiatry Supply

I can’t say enough about the abundance of physical medicine and rehabilitation jobs compared to the number of available physiatrists.  There was a study done in 2019 about the physiatry workforce in 2019 and beyond.  Thank you to all the physiatrists who participated in this study which was published in September, 2021.  We are still seeing this trend in 2023.

chart physical medicine and rehabilitation jobs

Process:  They developed and implemented an online survey of board-certified physiatrists (n = 616 completed, 30.1% response) to collect information about demographics, practice characteristics, hours worked, [ . . . ]

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