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Top Ten Physiatry Practice Opportunities!

Although there’s a great physiatry practice opportunity for everyone among the practice opportunities listed on our website, here are the current Top Ten list of our PM&R practice opportunities.

Map of the US with article about top ten physiatry jobs  

AZMidway between Phoenix and Flagstaff so close to both types of lifestyles.  Associate Medical Director, PM&R. No weekday call; call 1:4 weekends.  Competitive income guarantee plus stipend plus sign-on bonus. This program has been operational for years so it’s well-oiled and easy to work with.  In the top 10% of [ . . . ]

2023 AAPMR Meeting – Great to see old and new friends!

It was great to see those of you who I’ve seen before at the AAPMR meeting.  It was also wonderful to meet the medical students and those of you who I met for the first time at this year’s meeting.  It’s much better than emails, texts and phone calls!  We attended the Job Fair and the Exhibit Hall.  I look forward to future conversations.

Lucky Attendee at the AAPMR Meeting Courtesy of Farr Healthcare, Inc.

I enjoyed seeing everyone at the 2023 AAPMR physiatry meeting in New Orleans.  We attended the Job Fair and the Exhibit Hall.   Each year, Farr Healthcare provides a thank you $500 cash gift to one lucky doctor who who visited our booths.  This year’s recipient was Esther Jung, M.D.  Congratulations to Dr. Jung!

Spine Physiatry Compensation

Article about physiatry compensation with a picture of saving money in piggy banks  

A practicing physiatrist recently asked me about the best resources for interventional physiatry compensation information.  Here’s what I told him:

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