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A Physiatrist Asks . . . What are the standard benefits offered?

A physiatrist who is recruiting a new doctor with our help asked me recently what are the typical benefits offered to physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors these days. I often hear that these benefits are fairly common:  Paid Time Off, CME, malpractice and health insurance.  Here is the PM&R outlook regarding typical benefits.  Information will later be provided about PM&R salary as I also often get asked about the average PM&R salary by physiatrists in different areas of the country.


The amount of Paid Time Off a PM&R doctor receives can vary based on factors such as [ . . . ]


After 30+ years in physiatry recruitment, I find there are many reasons why a physician might want to become a physiatrist.  It’s funny but lately there have been many more medical students at physiatry meetings than there ever was in the past.  I tell them that they’ve picked a good specialty!

First, a physiatrist’s lifestyle might provide a good work/life balance.  This is because a PM&R physician can choose to provide general outpatient work or interventional work which typically is a 9 AM – 5 PM schedule.  The same can now be said for some inpatient work because now some facilities [ . . . ]

Top 5 States To Be A Doctor

According to a recent article, the top 5 states to be a doctor are SD, ID, IA ND and WI. The article considered a number of factors when determining the best place for a doctor to practice to include compensation, quality of care in the state, burnout rate, cost of living, physician density, rate of malpractice suits, quality of life (crime, economy, health care, education, transportation) and incentives to practice (loan forgiveness, loan payback program, lower malpractice insurance, signing bonuses, production incentives).

As it turns out, Farr Healthcare, Inc. rarely gets requests from physiatrists for physiatry practice opportunities in these [ . . . ]

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