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8 Myths About Being a Self-Employed Physiatrist

Do you dream of being a self-employed physiatrist but feel like you don’t have the money, knowledge, or skills to get a practice going? Your concerns might be unfounded and grounded in some of the common myths about self-employment. Imagine being able to increase your income and have a more flexible schedule. These benefits are a real possibility when you are your own boss. So, let’s start exposing the eight myths for what they really are.

1. Self-employed [ . . . ]

Physiatry Practice Opportunities

The number of physiatry practice opportunities is less this year because of COVID.  There are sports medicine fellows who are open to general rehab positions and residents who want to do inpatient who are open to outpatient work.  This applies to the urban areas and less so for more suburban or rural areas.

There are more and more subacute and skilled nursing facility physiatry practice opportunities. Some of them are with private practices and some are with large national or regional companies.  These companies often have an income guarantee and then take approximately 30% of the billings.

Part-time physiatry practice opportunities are [ . . . ]

MIPS Reporting

CMS has launched a Small, Underserved, and Rural Support
initiative to provide free, customized Technical Assistance to
clinicians in small practices.

Technical assistance includes:

– Understanding general requirements of the MIPS program
– Advice on choosing measures
– Help in submitting data
Based on my experience, these companies are excellent!
Each state has a different company providing this technical assistance.

You can find who to contact by clicking on this link and entering

your state, or by calling the CMS MIPS Help Desk 1-866-288-8292

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