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Latest Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Statistics

Here is some current information on the landscape of physiatry today.  The field continues to grow!  It is now attracting even more qualified medical students.

Article about physical medicine and rehabilitation statistics with picture of doctors

Total number of Board Certified physiatrists – 15,300. This information is from the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Physiatry residency programs:  98

Number of ACGME-accredited Fellowship programs:  sports medicine – 141, spinal cord injury – 21, pediatric rehab – 25, traumatic brain injury – 25, neuromuscular medicine -5, and hospice and palliative medicine – 3, pain – [ . . . ]

Executive Physiatry Medical Director Compensation

Recently a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician asked me the average compensation for an Executive Medical Director job.  The vast majority of the physical medicine and rehabilitation positions we represent are clinical, not executive.  According to, the average Executive Medical Director salary is $359,636 as of December 27, 2022, and the salary range typically falls between $295,670 and $446,617.

One of the many current clinical Medical Director positions available now through Farr Healthcare, Inc. is in the Houston area.  This rehab hospital has great clinical outcomes and an outstanding reputation in the [ . . . ]


This is a tricky question.  Some physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors don’t address it on their curriculum vitae.  Some doctors don’t explain it on their cv but explain it in a cover letter.  Other doctors don’t address it unless the employer notice the gap on their cv.  What should you do?

It depends on the reason for the gap in your professional physiatry timeline.  It could be due to illness, the time spent looking for a new job, time spent caring for a family member, provided childcare, loss/suspension of a license, etc.

Some reasons [ . . . ]

What a Treat to See Everyone Again at the 2022 AAPMR Meeting!

It’s been a few years since an in-person AAPMR meeting.   It was great to see everyone at the 2022 AAPMR meeting who stopped by my booth at the Job Fair and/or at the Exhibit Hall.  I look forward to seeing all of you next year!

One lucky person won the $500 door prize that we award each year.  This year’s winner was Eduardo Lamas Basulto, M.D., a resident from Emory.  Congratulations, Dr. Lamas Basulto!


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