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Physiatry Job Openings

I received a call from a physiatrist asking what the compensation should be for a 20-bed rehab unit.  He was given a contract with a $139/hour stipend for 4 hours per week of administrative work.

An $80,000 – $100,000 stipend is the average annual stipend at large freestanding rehab hospitals for a PM&R doctor.  The average Physiatry Medical Director Stipend for rehab units varies from facility to facility. It depends on the unit’s size and what the unit’s needs and expectations are. The exact amount the Director receives is based on an hourly pre-determined fee for administrative costs only. The contract [ . . . ]

Interventional Physiatry Jobs


Interventional physiatry jobs are more prevalent than other PM&R positions because there is a diverse array of specialties, in addition to hospitals, seeking their services, be they physiatrists, orthopods, neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, etc.  This makes job hunting more challenging to try to find all the different positions.  Some of the positions are posted through the specialty’s resources while others are posted on society websites like ISIPP.  Farr Healthcare can help in this process as a number of different specialties seek recruitment assistance from us.

Sometimes entities seek services exclusively through Farr Healthcare.  Our website has a mechanism whereby you can [ . . . ]

What You, the Experienced Physiatrist, Should Consider When Searching For a New Job

Once you already have a position(s), it’s easier in some respects to identify a good new position according to the New England Journal of Medicine  You know what you want in regards to the practice culture and setting, the responsibilities and compensation, what to look out for and how to find new practice opportunities.  In other respects, this knowledge can make a new practice search more difficult and time-consuming to find the right new job.

Given all your practice experience and knowledge, you should spend more time on the initial phone calls

You may be considering moving to another state [ . . . ]

Physiatry Jobs


When it comes to negotiating a contract for a physiatry job, one typical clause is the non-compete clause.  It’s typically something that one would not think is negotiable but it’s worth trying.  Perhaps you can negotiate the distance, the time limit, or the fine.  Compromises are possible.  It may take some skillful negotiation.

Most physiatry jobs have a non-compete clause in the contract.  The monetary penalty associated with a non-compete usually ranges from $10,000 to $250,000. The geographic limitation may range from 5 miles to 100 miles of the practice/hospital.  The larger limit relates to large hospital systems with many [ . . . ]

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