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MIPS Reporting

CMS has launched a Small, Underserved, and Rural Support
initiative to provide free, customized Technical Assistance to
clinicians in small practices.

Technical assistance includes:

– Understanding general requirements of the MIPS program
– Advice on choosing measures
– Help in submitting data
Based on my experience, these companies are excellent!
Each state has a different company providing this technical assistance.

You can find who to contact by clicking on this link and entering

your state, or by calling the CMS MIPS Help Desk 1-866-288-8292

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7 Types of Insurance to Protect Your Medical Practice

7 Types of Insurance to Protect Your Medical Practice

If you’re a family physician who manages your own private practice, then you are well aware of the challenges that come with being a business owner. You’re the judge, jury and executioner when it comes to laying the ground rules for how you want your practice to operate. But if you’ve recently acquired your own independent practice, there are a few things you need know – namely how you can protect your practice from various risks.

From day one of opening your practice, you expose yourself to certain liabilities, which is why [ . . . ]



There are many physiatry jobs available in many different physical medicine and rehabilitation subspecialties.  The demand for physical medicine and rehabilitation is greater than the supply.  Although Farr Healthcare only recruits for physiatry, my understanding is that it is a specialty that is more in demand than many other specialties and has exceptional job prospects.  Please visit for a list of physical medicine and rehabilitation practice opportunities.

There is a need for inpatient, general outpatient and interventional physiatrists.  The need is greatest for inpatient physiatrists, followed by general outpatient physiatrists and then interventional physiatrists.  The need is greatest [ . . . ]

Promoting Interoperability Hardship Exception Deadline 12-31-2020

As part of MIPS reporting for Performance Year, Eligible Providers are required to report under the “Promoting Interoperability” category (formerly known as Advancing Care which was formerly known as EHR(Electronic Health Records). For most hospital-based rehab providers, whose practice is in a free-standing rehab facility (such as Encompass Health), there is probably no capability of using an EHR system which satisfies CMS’ physician requirements – Encompass Health’s system does not meet physician reporting requirements.

In order to avoid losing 25% of points in the MIPS Scoring system, these providers can submit  a very simple Hardship Exception indicating:

-“Lack of Control over the [ . . . ]

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