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Lucky Attendee at the AAPMR Meeting Courtesy of Farr Healthcare, Inc.

I enjoyed seeing everyone at the 2023 AAPMR physiatry meeting in New Orleans.  We attended the Job Fair and the Exhibit Hall.   Each year, Farr Healthcare provides a thank you $500 cash gift to one lucky doctor who who visited our booths.  This year’s recipient was Esther Jung, M.D.  Congratulations to Dr. Jung!

Spine Physiatry Compensation

Article about physiatry compensation with a picture of saving money in piggy banks  

A practicing physiatrist recently asked me about the best resources for interventional physiatry compensation information.  Here’s what I told him:

Hiring Trends in Physiatry

The field of physiatry, also known as physical medicine and rehabilitation, has been experiencing several notable trends in PM&R job hiring and physiatry job opportunities.  Hiring trends can change rapidly depending on regional and local needs. Rapid change in the healthcare system also creates demand for different subspecialties in different regions.

Growing Demand: There has been an increasing demand for physiatrists due to various factors.   Other factors include aging physiatrists and many physiatrists who accelerated their retirement because of Covid and the increasing electronic billing requirements, an aging population, higher rates of chronic conditions, and a growing emphasis on non-surgical treatments [ . . . ]

How Should I Approach an Employer About a Physiatry Job?

Picture of curriculum vitae file

I recently spoke with a fellow recently who asked me whether a cover letter should be used when approaching an employer for the first time using email.  I used to say that a cover letter isn’t necessary but as it’s your initial contact with the pm&r employer, I think it’s a good idea.   It should include concise information about how your skills relate to the needs of the employer.  Sometimes the needs of the employer aren’t clear in an advertisement so research on the employer may [ . . . ]

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