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How Should I Approach an Employer About a Physiatry Job?

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I recently spoke with a fellow recently who asked me whether a cover letter should be used when approaching an employer for the first time using email.  I used to say that a cover letter isn’t necessary but as it’s your initial contact with the pm&r employer, I think it’s a good idea.   It should include concise information about how your skills relate to the needs of the employer.  Sometimes the needs of the employer aren’t clear in an advertisement so research on the employer may [ . . . ]

Questions You Should Ask During a Physiatry Job Interview

Farr Healthcare, Inc. had the good fortune to speak recently during a Zoom AAPMR presentation about the questions you should ask during a job interview.  Usually, presentations speak about the questions you will be asked during a job interview.  It’s less frequent to learn about the questions you should ask.  Some of the questions are specific to the PM&R audience.  For more information, visit 5 Questions You Need to be Asking: Tips for Interviewing to Find Your Best Fit – Zoom


This is a tricky question.  Some physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors don’t address it on their curriculum vitae.  Some doctors don’t explain it on their cv but explain it in a cover letter.  Other doctors don’t address it unless the employer notice the gap on their cv.  What should you do?

It depends on the reason for the gap in your professional physiatry timeline.  It could be due to illness, the time spent looking for a new job, time spent caring for a family member, provided childcare, loss/suspension of a license, etc.

Some reasons [ . . . ]

Tips to Hire the Right Candidate For your Physiatry Job

How do you know if the physiatry candidate you’re talking with on the phone is the right doctor for your physiatry job?    Will this person who you are now interviewing be able to meet your organization’s goals?  One thing that is a given, is that there will be changes in your organization over time.  Will the interviewee be able to fill your goals as they change in the future?

These are tough questions which you might respond that there’s no way to make sure unless you have a crystal ball!  Rest assured, [ . . . ]

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