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Interview & Job Searching

Interviewing Tips to Identify a Physiatrist’s People Skills

When you’re an employer trying to fill a physiatry job, it’s hard to tell in one or two interviews if the physiatrist you’re interviewing has good people skills. These people skills are among the most important:



Conflict resolution

Critical observation



Interview questions such as “How adaptable are you?” won’t work.  You need to ask questions that show how the physical medicine and rehabilitation job candidate will act in certain situations.  These are called behavioral questions. Some examples of these questions are:

  • Tell me about a time you worked effectively under pressure?
  • Describe a time when you anticipated potential problems and developed preventive measures?
  • [ . . . ]

What’s Wrong With These Curriculum Vitae? – A Primer On How To Prepare Your Curriculum Vitae

Writing your curriculum vitae can be challenging.  What should you include, how should you say it and more questions come to mind.  What font, what text, what order and so many more questions arise.

One of the most important aspects of your cv is the contact information.  It should be front and center on your cv and bold.  It should include your name with your M.D. or D.O. title, your cell phone, your email address and your address.

There is a typical format to follow which you can find at click here.  If you are a resident, you should list your [ . . . ]

Interventional Physiatry Jobs


Interventional physiatry jobs are more prevalent than other PM&R positions because there is a diverse array of specialties, in addition to hospitals, seeking their services, be they physiatrists, orthopods, neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, etc.  This makes job hunting more challenging to try to find all the different positions.  Some of the positions are posted through the specialty’s resources while others are posted on society websites like ISIPP.  Farr Healthcare can help in this process as a number of different specialties seek recruitment assistance from us.

Sometimes entities seek services exclusively through Farr Healthcare.  Our website has a mechanism whereby you can [ . . . ]

What You, the Experienced Physiatrist, Should Consider When Searching For a New Job

Once you already have a position(s), it’s easier in some respects to identify a good new position according to the New England Journal of Medicine  You know what you want in regards to the practice culture and setting, the responsibilities and compensation, what to look out for and how to find new practice opportunities.  In other respects, this knowledge can make a new practice search more difficult and time-consuming to find the right new job.

Given all your practice experience and knowledge, you should spend more time on the initial phone calls

You may be considering moving to another state [ . . . ]

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