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Interviewing physiatrists – Ask unusual questions

When interviewing a physiatrist for a new job, it’s easy to ask questions off the cuff or that you’ve stored away over the years for interviews.  However, these questions are the kind that are always asked and that most interviewees have prepared answers to. That’s why you might end up with a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor who was perfect during the interview but failed at their job.  By asking these unusual questions, not only will you get answers that more truly describe the person but you will also see how they work under pressure as they won’t have prepared [ . . . ]

Practice Search Tips

A practice search is a time-consuming process. Help from Farr Healthcare, Inc. helps economize time in this process. We do this in a number of ways to include providing a large number of available opportunities, serving as an extra voice to support you to the opportunity and keeping the practice mindful of your interest in their opportunity.

It usually takes 6 months or more from start to finish for a  practice search.   Sometimes it’s shorter and sometimes it’s longer.   It all depends on the entity you’re dealing with, if you have to apply for a [ . . . ]

Interviewing for a Physiatrist Position? Prepare to Answer These Questions

Physiatrist Interview Questions

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Physiatrist Interview Questions

Physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) interview questions are not always what you expect. The interviewer, likely an administrator or head physician, will want to get to know you and your level of passion for the work. They will ask standard questions you can prepare for, but they will also throw in some surprises to assess whether you’re [ . . . ]

Letters of Reference for Physiatrists

Occasionally, I will receive fellow physiatry residents’ names from newly graduating residents as their references.  Or, practicing physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians sometimes give me references of individuals who report to them.

Your fellow PM&R residents know you well however they’re more friends than fellow professionals so their value as a reference is not the best.  If you’re going to provide a fellow physical med and rehab resident as a reference only include one, as typically you’ll be asked for 3 references.  Select references who are faculty if you’re a graduating physiatry resident.

For practicing PM&R doctors, it’s suspect that your employee [ . . . ]

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