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The Work of a Physician Recruiter

The physician recruiter is hired by the entity looking for a physiatrist. The compensation is a flat fee which is paid when the position is filled. The fee for physician recruitment is tax deductible. The physician recruiter has an obligation to find a physician for the entity. The recruiter should have the best interests of both the hiring entity and the new doctor in mind. If a new doctor starts and leaves shortly thereafter, it doesn’t serve anyone well. Depending on the area of the country and the nature of the position, anywhere from a few to many candidates will [ . . . ]

Recruiting a doctor to a less attractive area

The best way to recruit for difficult geographic regions is to offer a great package deal, with partnership option after the 1st year.   The offer should include a sign-on bonus, relocation reimbursement,  health insurance/life insurance/long term disability, the ability to keep 70% of what they collect, plus a guarantee of a base salary until they are actually receiving reimbursement for their services (probably 2 months),  4 weeks vacation and 1 week CME, plus a CME allowance.  Keep in mind that a lot of doctors don’t want a partnership – they simply want to share overhead and build the practice.  That is [ . . . ]

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