High demand and low supply increases the competition to find a doctor which creates the usefulness of a physiatry recruitment firm. Recruitment firms provide many useful services to include sourcing, screening, qualifying, appointment-setting, closing, interview prepping, debriefing, offer negotiation and counteroffer-defense.  Many of these services often go unnoticed by either the physician candidate or the hiring entity.  The networking capabilities of a physician recruitment firm that has been doing solely physical medicine and rehabilitation recruitment for 20+ years like Farr Healthcare, Inc. provides an employer with a unique resource and great capability and some might even say priceless advantage.

Through the various efforts of a PM&R recruitment firm, a doctor who is in the mid-career stage and happy with their work may be convinced to take a new position.  This result would not be possible through the simple placement of an ad or job board posting.  Experienced recruiters such as Farr Healthcare, Inc. are able to identify the features of the practice opportunity and match it with candidates seeking those benefits.

Recruiters can help a resident who is not experienced in the practice search process navigate it efficiently and effectively.  I often talk with residents who don’t know the difference between an independent contractor and an employee so a recruiter can explain the terms.  This behind-the-scenes discussion can help steer a physiatrist to a practice opportunity the physician might never consider otherwise.

Due to their years of experience a physiatry recruiter can often identify if a candidate is truly interested or not and save the employer otherwise wasted time  with the candidate.   Sometimes doctor candidates are testing the waters but not ready to make a move.  Sometimes a doctor will tell a recruiter information that they wouldn’t say directly to the hiring entity.

The overall cost of physician turnover is a huge financial cost.  The recruitment fee pales in comparison to the revenues lost without a physician on staff.   Yet another reason to hire well to retain physiatrists for years.