As the top recruiter for physiatry jobs in Nebraska, Farr Healthcare offers services you can count on. Nebraska’s PM&R industry includes a variety of physiatrist practice opportunities that you can choose as the next step in your career. Our team recruits candidates for jobs in areas such as:

  • Rehabilitation centers: Assist patients in restoring their physical function after a disability or injury.
  • Inpatient/outpatient care: Address the needs of patients in inpatient or outpatient care.
  • Direct resident care: Work with facility residents to develop and execute physiatry care plans.
  • Teaching: Teach classes or conduct training on the physiatry practice.

When you work with Farr Healthcare for PM&R recruiting, you’ll discover opportunities in these practice types and more. Find opportunities across the Nebraska physiatry industry when you partner with Farr Healthcare for your Nebraska physiatry job search.

Job Openings

Find Physiatry Jobs in Nebraska With Farr Healthcare Recruiting Services

At Farr Healthcare, we specialize in PM&R recruiting. Out of the few companies that focus on physiatry candidates, we have the only owner with direct experience. Our president, Linda Farr, recruited for a rehabilitation company for more than a decade. Her time at a nationwide rehabilitation provider made her an expert in her field. She now uses her connections and expertise to make referrals that count.

We focus on placing employees and employers in ideal matches that benefit both parties. Our incentive-driven recruiting model drives us to recruit based on merit instead of profit. When we refer a candidate to a facility, we believe that they make the best fit for the job. This difference gives us the upper hand over firms that center their recruiting around profit.

President Linda Farr has more than 30 years of experience recruiting PM&R professionals. During her decades in the industry, she built strong working relationships with clients, some of which continue today. She taps into these connections and her expertise to match candidates with jobs that fit their profiles.

Why Count on Farr Healthcare for Nebraska Physiatrist Job Recruiting?

Our website and services give you the chance to learn more about physiatry job placement and the current state of the industry. Resources such as the Farr Healthcare blog and directory of physiatry resources help you understand the field of PM&R. You can also sign up for our emails to get updates on job listings in the sidebar to the right. Let us help you with professional development as you find your next job.

The Farr Healthcare team commits itself to putting candidates in the best environments. We base our matches on the candidate’s interests and experience to benefit employee and employer. Our team can help you find opportunities to nurture the skills and passions that matter to you.

Find Physiatrist Practice Opportunities in Nebraska

Farr Healthcare recruits candidates based on their professional qualifications. We welcome PM&R job seekers of all backgrounds to partner with our recruiters to see if they suit one of our opportunities. After you fill out our application, one of our experts will contact you for more information.