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    • Medical Director, Rehab and Staff Physiatry Practice Opportunities, Leesville and DeRidderWork with 2 nationwide companies, experts in hospitals and in rehab  Comprehensive benefits Enjoy the security of employee affiliation   Responsibilities: Handle 10 - 15 beds plus work at a SNF Responsible for all aspects of the rehabilitation program of patients admitted to the facility. This facility has an existing patient census requiring full-time physiatry coverage. Coordinate care pertinent to medical rehabilitation with primary care and other specialties. Provide care for all aspects of rehabilitation after admission. Assess and manage barriers to medical rehabilitation for best measurable outcomes, with appropriate resource utilization, for safe discharge into the community. Lead the interdisciplinary... [Read More]

    • Medical Director, Rehab Physiatry Job, New Orleans                         Manageable-sized program so you can enjoy work and your personal life Medical care provided by the local primary care doctors Enjoy New Orleans food, music, Mardi Gras and more   Facility Features:   Rehab unit Work with certified rehabilitation registered nurses (CRRN) as well as nurses with certification in ACLS (advanced cardiac life support). The therapy services include PT, OT, ST and RT  Responsibilities:   Provide inpatient care General PM&R diagnoses You are the consultant; the internist does the admissions Call: Limited as primary care physicians cover medical care Affiliation:   Employee or independent contractor The... [Read More]

    • Associate Medical Director, Rehab Physiatry Practice Opportunity, Shreveport                            ·       No call and act as the consultant ·       Affiliate with the nation’s largest rehab provider ·       Enjoy the financial advantages of an independent contractor affiliation ·       Anticipated income with the Associate Medical Director position is $300,000+   Facility Features: ·       40-bed freestanding rehab hospital ·       The model is PM&R Attending primary, with Internal Med available to consult ·       Well-trained outreach teams that identify appropriate inpatient cases ·       Thriving community ·       State of the art equipment ·       Gratifying patient mix ·       Team atmosphere with full-time employed therapists and nurses ·       Physician-friendly hospital executives and collegial environment ·       Corporate support to facilitate available resources for regulatory compliance Responsibilities: Will provide comprehensive, inpatient physical rehabilitation to... [Read More]

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