The other day I received a phone call from a physiatrist   inquiring about  the stipend  for a Medical Director position of a rehab unit.   I hear various numbers across the country and the numbers vary based on the number of beds, the region of the country and the entity.   On average, I’d say the stipend is approximately $75,000.   I always quote on the low side because then you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you’re offered a higher stipend.

The old days of stipends of $150,000 don’t exist much anymore.   Likewise, income guarantees seem to be going by the wayside also.    It’s hard to get a handle on what the average stipends are just as it’s difficult to get statistics on physiatry compensation.

In the same conversation, we talked about the administrative hours and responsibilities required of a Medical Director.   I understand that Medicare requires 20 hours a week.   Administrative responsibilities include staff development, program development and any day-to-day administrative issues.

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