What should you say about why you’re looking for a new position when you’re leaving a bad job or you’ve been fired?   As I’ve said before,  you should never be negative about your current employer.   You can be negative about a situation but not about a person.  When negative about a person, the interviewer thinks that you will end up being negative about him/her in a year or two.  You can be negative about an aspect of your work but be sure that it isn’t about something that is vital to the new position.  A common answer is that you’re looking for professional growth and advancement and that your current place of employment doesn’t offer this ability.    You could say that the doctors in positions above you, don’t seem to have any plans to leave so there is no room for growth.

If you’ve been fired/laid off, then honesty is the best policy.  You can explain that there were differences of opinion.  Again, be sure that this explanation will not describe a situation that will happen in the new job.