Recently, a physiatrist commented to me that physician recruiters are too expensive and not necessary. Needless to say, it struck a nerve. I’ve heard the comment before on occasion. I’d like to address it here.

There is a need for physician recruitment companies in that hiring entities reach out to them to help with recruitment.  Entities use physician recruitment services because they find it difficult to find physicians and/or that it is more cost-effective to outsource the process.  There is a doctor shortage so entities often need help.

Conversely, as was the case with this doctor, one might think that if there’s a doctor shortage then doctors can easily find jobs. On the surface, this logic prevails however there are many considerations when looking for a practice opportunity, many concerns and cases when a practice opportunity is only available through a particular physician recruiter, that a physician recruiter is a vital component of finding a job.

To be continued . . .