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What benefits should you expect at your job?  The very basic benefits are malpractice, vacation, health insurance cost, and CME cost and travel. Malpractice and 1 week of CME to include the associated travel expense are standard.  The amount of vacation and health insurance vary.  I’d say the average vacation is 3 weeks.  Health insurance coverage varies from providing it just for the employee to providing it in full for the family.  Additional benefits include sick time, student loan assistance, a sign-on bonus, dental and vision insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, a retirement savings plan, a flexible spending account, long term care insurance and the list goes on.  Benefits maybe negotiable.

According to Elizabeth Lee, a physiatry practice management and billing consultant, typical benefits are generally  100% of malpractice, $450-$600 per month for health insurance,  paid CME for 1 week to include the travel expenses,  2 weeks off for paid time off not including CME.   Elizabeth Lee, President, Physiatry Reimbursement Specialists, Inc., A National Company serving Physiatrists all over the U.S. for 20 years, Fort Worth, TX, 1-800-324-4777, 817-284-9850,

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