Here are some tips about when you go for an interview.

Arrive Ahead of Time– Make sure you arrive about 10 minutes ahead of time. It used to be that being on time was the norm. Now hospital/practices note when candidates arrive ahead of time for an interview. A message of strong interest and professionalism is shown when you arrive 10 – 15 minutes early.
Don’t Make any Negative Comments – Even though you may have been right in a work situation that had a negative result, don’t speak negatively or even about a negative situation when on an interview. Just the mention of a negative situation is not positive. It draws attention to the possibility that your interpersonal skills are not that great.
Ask Questions that will Land you the Position – Of course, you should ask informed questions during an interview. Don’t ask questions for which the answers could be obtained by online research. Listen during the interview and don’t ask questions that were already discussed. Some hospital/practice representatives are watching for how well you listen, a skill critical to being a good practitioner and business associate. Asking good questions shows the hospital/practice your true interest in the opportunity. However, there are some questions that will actually help you get the position. Questions such as ‘What could I say that would convince you that I am the one for the position?” or ‘What are you looking for in the person to take this position?” Ask questions and make statements that will show that you are authentic and confident.