Preparation is the key to a successful interview.  Go through a mock interview, pretending to be in the interview and answering the questions that might be posed.  Use past interviews to inform you of what questions might be asked.  Situational questions may be asked such as “How do you handle a difficult patient? ”  These are often questions with no easy answers and no right or wrong answers.  Think what answer best portrays your ethics and personality.

Be prepared with your own questions.  The interview should be more like a conversation than one-sided by the employer. Questions about the doctor’s medical philosophy and treatment patterns are extremely important to see if you fit their practice and if their practice fits you.

Asking about compensation is tricky.   When should it be raised? Follow the lead of the employer but don’t go past the phone conversation after the first interview without asking this question. Working with a recruiter often helps because the recruiter can often obtain this information for you.