It is worthwhile, if not necessary, to document the job contacts you’ve made.  It’s best to start documenting this information when you start your practice search.  This is important too because the practice search process is often an extended one which takes months from start to finish.  Document who you talked with, when you talked with them, their contact information and what you talked about.

You will get alot of information about alot of different practice opportunities so it is important to have a process of retrieving it at a later date.  It can be a paper or an electronic storage system.   You should file it by each practice opportunity.

You may need to contact someone that you haven’t heard from in months.  Or, they may contact you and if you have taken notes and filed information, you will be able to talk from an informed point.  It’s always impressive when you can recall and provide information to the caller about the points of their opportunity.