1.  Prepare an itinerary for the candidate’s visit to include names and titles of the people the candidate will be meeting.  Provide this itinerary to the candidate before the visit.

2.   Allow for time for the candidate and significant other to see the community; Monday and Friday visits allow the weekend for this activity

3.  Make the travel arrangements or reimburse the candidate quickly for travel receipts presented

4.  Have a basket of local goodies in the hotel room upon the candidate’s arrival.

5.  Fill their hands with paraphernalia, e.g. brochures on the area, local newspaper, housing, etc.

6.  Ask if a babysitter will be needed

7.  Remember that this person must be sold on the facility, your physicians and the community and made to feel they will be proud to associate with them!

8.  Make sure there are no mixed signals during the interview process.  Prepare staff to avoid this if necessary.  Make sure all involved on the agenda will be saying the same things re:the job, area, medical community, policatial and/or third party culture, etc.

9.  Don’t allow the candidate to meet with a potentially hostile practice representative.

10.  Be on time for dinner.