11.  Make the doctor candidate feel like they’re the only one.

12.  Discussion during the first visit – discuss any start-up support, how attractive the job is, present the salary and/or guarantee and/or stipend range, benefits

13.  The interview process should be no more than 2 trips otherwise you may seem indecisive.  The more people in the interview process, the more confusing it is to the doctor candidate.  Do not include someone in the second interview that wasn’t in the first interview if at all possible.

14.  Give a deadline to contract signature.  Phone the doctor candidate during this time to stay in touch.  A drop-dead date of 2 weeks from the contract presentation is reasonable.

15.  Once the contract is signed, send a congratulatory gift, invite the physician and spouse for a getaway weekend to get to know the medical staff and community.   Send announcements to department heads, community doctors, healthcare/political organizations, order stationery and business cards, purchase a subscription to the local newspaper for the doctor and plan a welcome reception.