Recently a physiatrist who is considering making a practice change asked me what I would do with her cv.  As is the norm, she and I talked and I shared information in writing with her about the practice opportunities of potential information with her.  This is my routine procedure.  I find out where  and about what you have an interest.  If I have matching practice opportunities, I present them to you and provide them to you in writing.  I always want you to know as mmuch about the opportunity as I do.  I then follow-up with you in a few days to see what you think about the practice opportunity(s).  It is at this point that I ask for your cv if you respond that you are interested in the opportunity(s).

I’ve written earlier that you should hesitate to provide a cv to a recruiter unless they have done the same process as I described above.   I do not circulate any doctor’s cv to any practices.  Your cv is your possession so it shouldn’t be released without your knowledge.  Although it’s not my practice, some physician recruiters use a blind cv to canvas for potential practice opportunities.  Or, they present your cv before securing your agreement to do so.  Of course, this is not an ethical practice.   For this reason, I always advise against presenting your cv until you have heard about a specific opportunity and have an interest in it.