Here’s a list of questions to ask physicians you are interviewing for a position with you:

1.   Give me an example of your leadership skills.( If your job qualifications involve leadership.)

2.   Give me an example of your problem-solving skills.

3.   Wht is your secret to handling difficult patients?

4.   For experienced candidates:   How have you contributed to the growth of your medical group’s practice?

5.   For experienced candidates:   What would you change about your current situation?

6.   What are you most proud of regarding your professional accomplishments?

7.   How does this opportunity compare with others that you are considering?

8.   What do you think of our community and its amenties?

9.   If an offer were extended, what would you be looking for in terms of a compensation package?

10.   What attracts you about our opportunity?

11.   Where are you considering practice opportunities?

12.   What are you seeking in your new position?