OK, you’ve read all the questions that might be asked at an interview and have prepared all the answers, what’s left to do! Here are a few additional items to consider to make sure that you’ll ace that interview.

First, make sure that you have questions to ask the interviewer. Sure, you know all about PM&R and might have 20+ years of experience, but what specifics of the practice/company or the job don’t you know? I’ve known hospitals to not proceed with offering a doctor a contract because he/she didn’t ask any questions during the interview. It’s important to try to find out what the practice/company is most looking for in terms of work responsibilities so any questions along this line can help you with your answers as well.
Second, story-telling is so important to getting a job offer. Through story-telling, you can vividly portray to the interviewer how you made a professional accomplishment or verbalize one of your personal qualities that they are looking for in the new doctor.
Internalize why you’re looking. What are your primary motivators for looking for a new job? Having these personal thoughts in mind will enable you to best vocalize your enthusiasm and motivation for the job.

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