One of the advantages of using  my services is that I try to collect as much information upfront about an opportunity as possible.   Because all I do is physiatry recruitment  , I know the “lingo” of physiatry.    A simple  example is that  I know and take the time  to ask how many inpatients the hiring entity  expects  the new  doctor to see when a position involves inpatient.   And, if you want more information, I will gladly ask the practice/hospital.   I will do so without revealing your name.     This enables you to get information that you would  may not feel comfortable asking directly.

The same applies for the sometimes uncomfortable subject of compensation.   I try to get as much information about this upfront.   Sometimes the hiring entity says that the compensation is based on experience.   If you want to know a salary figure,   I will ask   you about your years in practice, whether you’re Board Certified and in what fields, so that I can get a reasonable income figure from the hiring entity.

I suggest that you don’t reveal your current income during the interview process.   I’d say something like “I am open to a compensation that is fair and reasonable for the area and my experience.”   You should review your answer to the compensation question and rehearse it in advance so that it sounds confident and natural.