You can find a good amount of information about writing your curriculum vitae on my website to include on the tab about it and in my blogs.  Here are some reminders:

  1.  Objective:  You may want to include in your objective the type of services you want to provide, i.e. inpatient, outpatient, inpatient/outpatient etc.  Of course, if you do this then you have to be careful to submit it to practice opportunities that match your desired services.
  2. Photograph:  Most advisors recommend that you do not include your photograph.  This is because it places the recipient in a position that they can be accused of discrimination.  I still suggest a photo but one that is stapled to the cv so that the company can remove it if they choose.
  3. Exams:  Include all the exams you have taken.
  4.  CV Template:  To make your life easier, you can find cv templates on the web such as at
  5. Proofreading:  Although I’ve said it before, have a friend review your cv for typo’s.  It’s so easy for you to have typo’s and to miss them when checking your cv yourself.