Although there is a physiatry shortage, there are many physiatrists looking for work.  These PM&R physicians may, or may not, have an interest in your area or the type of work you have, be it inpatient, outpatient or interventional.  Check below to see if one of these physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors is a match for your position. Many more physiatrists are available so if you don’t find one here, please contact us.

ARticle about available physiatrists with picture of doctors

  1.  An outpatient physiatrist is looking for work in eastern NC
  2. A 2024-graduating resident is looking for outpatient work in the Baton Rouge area. Many more 2023-graduating residents and fellows are available.
  3. An inpatient physiatrist is open to most areas and wants to be the consultant, not the primary doctor
  4. A physiatrist is looking for telemedicine work
  5. An interventional physiatrist looking for any type of work but on a part-time basis in IN and surrounding states
  6. An inpatient physiatrist looking for Medical Director work as an independent contractor in GA
  7. An inpatient/outpatient physiatrist who wants MI,OH,IN, or TN
  8. An inpatient/outpatient physiatrist who wants to work in the Houston area a few days/week, every other week as an independent contractor
  9. An interventional physiatrist who wants NJ or NY
  10. A 2023-graduating sports medicine fellow who wants in or near Atlanta; Philadelphia; Washington, DC.; Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, or Tampa Bay, FL;Denver; San Diego; NYC; Phoenix; Salt Lake City; Chicago; New Orleans; Nashville; Austin, Dallas, or Houston; Boston; Seattle; or Charlotte

Maybe you’re looking for work.  If so, please refer to practice opportunities here.