Just as I ask graduating residents what states are of interest, it’s logical to consider practice opportunities by the states or interest to you.  I’m not suggesting that you change the states of interest to you.  What I am suggesting is that if there’s a job near a state of interest that it might be worthwhile considering it.  Although you surely can find a practice opportunity in a state of interest to you, there are other very important considerations.

First, although not in order of importance, what job will offer you the most professional growth? If there’s a job near a state(s) of interest to you but offers more professional growth, then that maybe the better job for you.

Second, what job has the best professional collegiality?  Remember that you’ll be at work almost as many hours a day as at home so having a comfortable working relationship is very important.  If you’re unhappy at work, it doesn’t matter that you’re in the state or city, that’s the most of interest to you.

Third, what job has the best physician attrition?  Check the hiring entity’s website to see who is listed versus who is actually there;you can find out the latter often just by calling the office and hearing their recording.  You don’t want a position with a hiring entity that is like a revolving door of physiatrists.