Some states such as NJ and CA take a half a year or more to get a license.  The usual time to get a state license is approximately 3 months.  States such as TX and FL which used to take a long time to get a license have changed, and barring any issues, will issue a license in a few months. I have listed on my website under Resources the name of a consultant in FL who can help expedite licensure in FL.  Some doctors use the Federal Credentialling Verification Service when getting a new license.  This service verifies your credentials and stores them so that if you apply for another state license later it expedites the process.

The time it takes for licensure is important for many reasons, chief among them being when you can start a new job. Until you’re licensed, the hiring entity typically can’t get you on the payor panels and don’t want you to start until that is accomplished and they can get paid for your work.