It sounds silly but it really helps if you prepare for an interview.  Ask yourself sample questions.  Some of these questions can be found on my website under the Practice Search Tips button.  Better yet, find someone who will ask you the interview questions.


Never say anything that is negative during the interview.  This is particularly true of any negative comments about your current employer or practice.  These comments can be construed by the interviewer as comments that you would make over time about your new jobs.


Do research on the practice/facility so that you can speak to it during your interview.  If you’re working with a recruiter, ask him/her to give you as much information about the practice/facility as possible; most places have a website that you can visit.  Try to find out about the organizational culture and structure, the job responsibilities, and the reason why the practice/facility is looking to add someone.


The interview dialogue should be like a good conversation with both parties actively involved.  A good question is “What can I tell you that would convince you that I am the best one for the position?”  Questions such as this that focus on what you bring to the table are better than asking what the practice/facility can do for you.