Just as important as what’s in writing about the practice opportunity you’re considering is what’s not written about the practice opportunity.  The “hard” features of the practice opportunity such as the compensation, responsibilities, and benefits are usually in its description.  The “soft” features such as the personality they’re looking for, the practice dynamics, goals, needs, etc. are not.  How do you learn the unknown?  A clue can be to find out the personalities/capabilities of the current doctor(s)/hospital representatives in the practice.  Social media and other websites can give some insight.  Find out the experience, certifications, tenure with the practice, and accomplishments of the practice doctors/hospital representatives.  This information will also help you determine how you should engage with the practice/hospital; knowing the current personalities will help determine the type of dialogue to have during your interview.

On the other hand, the practice/hospital may be looking to bring a new personality or new capabilities.  If you’re working with a physician recruiter, he/she can help to find out.  The direct approach of asking the practice/hospital representative directly what they’re looking for in the newly hired doctor will show them that you’re confident and knowledgeable in the interview process.