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  • Outstanding opportunity to join a well-established, successful and busy practice 
  • Flexible schedule possible with work at premier rehab facilities
  • Competitive compensation plus incentive; no state income tax
  • Well-trained clinical staff in a friendly environment

Las Vegas

Practice Features:


  • Join a high-quality, very stable 3-person physiatry group with nurse practitioners; a great overall team! OR be an independent contractor
  • The successful senior partner is a Director of 2 rehab programs with 30 patients in each program
  • The practice has an impressive referral base to include 12 nursing homes and LTAC facilities with the help of nurse practitioners
  • The physicians here are happy, talented, and have the perfect balance of work and leisure time
  • Best-in-class clinical and business operations with a committed physiatry group



  • Hospital-based PM&R with a dynamic, interdisciplinary rehabilitation team
  • Full-time work at 2 acute rehab hospitals within 5 minutes of each other
  • All the patients have good internal medicine coverage
  • Occasional nursing home work as a consultant
  • Can have a flexible schedule e.g. come in early and leave early, work 3 weeks and then take a week off, etc.
  • The practice model allows doctors to work at their highest level, while allowing time for professional development and family life


  • 2 weekends/month


  • Exciting practice opportunity with huge income potential with a highly competitive salary plus incentive
  • The incentive will consider patient satisfaction and quality measures
  • Possible paid faculty position
  • Lower cost of living, e.g. if you make $212,000 in San Diego or Los Angeles, it’s equal to making $300,000 in Las Vegas
  • If you were to take the $17,227 tax burden in CA and not have to pay it while living in Nevada and invested that amount yearly at a 5% annual gain, here are the results: In 10 years that would amount to $255,574.29, in 20 years to $643,816.91, 30 years to $1,276,223.23.


  • Employee
  • 3-year contract
  • Future partnership possible


  • Very comprehensive to include malpractice, health insurance, $2,500 CME allowance, a paid faculty position, 3 weeks PTO, relocation of up to $15,000, 401k,

 Candidate Qualifications:

  • Board Certified/Qualified physiatrist
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
  • A team player

If you have any interest, skills or experience with inpatient physiatry jobs, you’re in luck. Interest in inpatient physiatry jobs has decreased over the years, making the need for skilled clinicians now more than ever. There is a great demand for qualified inpatient physiatrists, and Farr Healthcare can help you find the practice or facility of your dreams.