There’s a lot to do to prepare for a physiatry interview.  You’ve probably heard and read about what to do from my PM&R website,, and many other places.  The most important thing to do during a physical medicine and rehabilitation job interview is to stay calm, cool and collected.

This sounds easy but it supersedes everything else you say and do during your PM&R interview. It’s the underlying theme of your interview.  You can do all the other things to prepare for an interview such as practicing answers to often-asked questions but if you’re nervous during the interview, the content and delivery will not be the same.  Of course, the converse is true that preparation will give you confidence.

Come prepared with some small talk comments if you’re not good with them.  Maybe you can talk about the weather, your trip to the interview, or something that you’ve found out about the physiatrist interviewer’s interests.

Get the itinerary for your visit beforehand so you can become familiar and comfortable with the names and positions of the physiatrists and other people who will interview you.  The itinerary will also inform you of any group interview situations which without knowing beforehand might make you anxious.

Do whatever makes you relax such as repeating a mantra like “I’m confident I will get this position” or do breathing exercises.   Don’t get anxious during the PM&R interview.  A few hours before the interview think positive and visualize how well the interview will go.  There will always be interviews elsewhere if this one doesn’t work out.