Background of Linda Farr

A resident just asked me to describe Farr Healthcare, Inc. physiatry recruitment services.    In a nutshell, my father was a doctor and I’ve been doing physician recruitment since I finished graduate school.  I became involved in physiatry when I was hired as Director, Physician Recruitment for Continental Medical Systems, formerly the nation’s largest physical medicine and rehab provider where I recruited the Medical Directors for 60-bed rehab hospitals across the country.  I was employed by the company as opposed to being an independent contractor therefore both the company and the contracted doctors had to be happy in order for me to maintain my job.  I bring this same mentality to my physiatry recruitment firm.


The company was bought out by HealthSouth in the late 90’s at which time I started my own physiatry recruitment business.  All I do is recruit physiatrists, not any other specialties, and as I’ve been doing so for 20 years, I’m familiar with most of the PM&R doctors, facilities and companies.  I was the only physician recruiter to speak at the annual AAPMR meeting for 4 years.

How the physician recruitment service works

The physician recruitment service is free to you; the employer/facility I’m working with pays me.  Once you tell me what and where you’re interested in, then I’ll contact you with a comprehensive description of the physical medicine and rehabilitation openings that are a match.  I’ll request your cv if you’re interested which I then provide to the PM&R employer.  Some employers/facilities only work with me.  I’m able to provide details which you might not otherwise secure when applying for a physiatry job.  I’m also often able to tell you insider information about the rehab employer/facility. Once I provide your cv to an employer, you and the employer mostly work together directly.  If you have questions along the way, I can be helpful.  I will also work to make sure the process continues expeditiously.  If you’re pursuing multiple physiatry practice opportunities through me, your references only have to give one reference as I’ll share them with the practice opportunities.  I hope this explanation helps.  You can find out all about me and my services to include an audiovisual presentation on my home page,  Feel free to contact me with any questions.