• Friendly, accessible and very able team
  • Better than average lifestyle
  • No call, no nights, no weekends, no drugs
  • Less stress than most practice opportunities
  • No treatment offered-This is a nerve and muscle testing ONLY practice

Practice Features:


  • Work with well-respected, very successful, financially-sound physician-owned, 33-year-old nerve and muscle testing clinics (9) in a 75-mile radius in western TN and Memphis area.  The practice is accredited as exemplary status labs in 7 locations now by AANEM.
  • The nerve and muscle clinics have been in operation for 30 years so they have the protocols, staffing and quality controls to ensure quality EMG’s for a large volume of patients; most practices can’t provide the same quality results in a timely fashion.
  • Attention to quality is utmost.  Patient volume and the narrow focus enables the clinic to have the experience to provide quality services.
  • All NCV’s are performed by veteran certified technicians on Cadwell machines under the direct supervision of the physician who evaluates each patient.  The technicians are well-trained and registered by the American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine.
  • Stable—been in practice for 30 years.
  • No shortage of patients; 400 referring doctors; have large volumes approaching 10,000 procedures a year.  It is true that they perform a lot of EMG’s but they are very good at it and they are very efficient. This is all they do.
  • Preferred providers for virtually every insurance carrier in the region, 2 marketing representatives
  • Members of AANEM since 1992.  Attend all meetings with staff and proud sponsor.
  • The clinics’ goal is to provide quality nerve and muscle tests utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.
  • Low staff turnover
  • Per the physician owner, “We believe the future is good for those of us who treat our patients unusually well and efficiently.  We have succeeded through efficiency and friendliness.  We accept patients regardless of insurance type and most tell us it is the friendliest office they have ever visited.”



  • 8 AM – 5 PM
  • No treatment, only testing
  • Do EMG’s, do approximately 15 – 20 EMG’s a day although the number of patients and manner in which they are seen is up to the doctor ; all needle electrode exams are performed by the physician, all studies are designed and interpreted by the physician, the new doctor would have one nerve tech that would help with the nerve studies.
  • A physician sees each patient
  • If the doctor likes to do their own NCV studies that is their option



  • No call or nights


  • Medicare and participating providers in more than 500 commercial health plans.  The practice is a preferred provider with most workers compensation managed care organizations.



  • $100,000 for 1 day/week, $200,000 for 2 days/week, etc.
  • Based on the number of patients you see but should be similar to above



  • Independent contractor or employee.  If an employee then benefits would be provided and competitive
  • Partnership potential




  • Board Certified/Qualified physiatrist or neurologist with superior EMG skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills and professional appearance
  • A doctor who is unusually friendly, prompt, well-groomed and concerned about patients

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