A physiatrist who is contemplating a position as an independent contractor asks me today about billing services.  I found out the following information.
1)  Bruno Stillo, Physiatry Billing Specialists, 800-835-4482, charges a percentage of collections depending on the level of service.  I said a 28 bed census and he said the receipts would be  $500K+.

He said at the outset you give him charges and an initial face sheet with the patient information.  He builds a data base.  You fax him the charges weekly.  He puts 1 week’s charges on a grid.  He takes care of doing the billing.  You get the receipts directly; you set up a PO box.  You send him by Fed Ex the deposits you make.  He posts the payments and goes after the unreceived claims payments.  Bruno will also help with any billing issues as needed.  He aims to keep his physiatry clients on a long-term basis.  Bruno will also get you on Medicare and whatever payor panels there are in the area.  He can also help you identify what your collections should approximate if you’re considering a new position and can give him the charges for the procedures.
2.  Liz Lee, PRS Inc, www.prsinc.com, She charges 7.5% – 8% of collections for inpatient services.   I didn’t ask her the process as I presume they’re similar.
I don’t endorse either of these entities as I haven’t used them but they specialize in physiatry so they should have a good handle on physiatry billing.