A practice recently asked me why they can’t find a physiatrist.  There are so many possible reasons.  First might be the practice mentality.  Each practice is unique.  Your practice might not fit the ideal of most candidates.  If you’ve lost several doctors, it might be time for introspection.  However, just as they say, there’s someone for everyone, so holds true with doctor recruitment.

Some reasons for difficulties finding a new physiatrist may be concrete. For example, if you’re a private practice looking for a doctor and you don’t offer the potential for partnership, this will turn off many candidates.   Of course, compensation is another factor.  It has to be competitive.  Working with Farr Healthcare, Inc. can help identify a competitive compensation.  Location is another factor which unfortunately can’t be changed!  Many doctors have grown to prefer an urban area as this is where they have spent many years in training.  People in general like what they know and if they haven’t experienced the stress-free and traffic-free nature of rural areas, some places in the South and Midwest, then it’s hard to get them over the hump to visit such places.

Finally, it may just be that physiatrists are in demand.  Physiatrists who like to do inpatient are not as plentiful as years gone by.  Many entities seek out physiatrists – be they skilled nursing facilities, specialties other than physiatry and hospitals that have bigger pockets than private practices.  It’s a candidates’ market, not an employers’ market!