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Volume 6 Issue 3 June 2013 

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One of the most common reasons for payment denial is incorrect information supplied by either the patient or the hospitals.   This more typically happens on the inpatient side of Rehab when the hospital obtains incorrect information from the patient, or does not update their system from the last inpatient visit.  Patients who have Medicare Replacement Plans do not always understand that the Replacement is their new Medicare provider.  They often show the intake personnel their old Medicare Card, which then gets entered into their system.
When you pull the facesheet from chart or EMR, it is often incorrect.  If you do not have a mechanism in place to catch these denials on the back end, the result is lost revenue.  If you do not catch it in a timely manner, it could mean denials for timely filing as well, which means appeals have to be done manually proving timely filing.  Many practices do not even know they can appeal the timely filing by presenting to the correct payer proof of timely filing to the previous payer. 

Another reason for denials in this arena is your billing office or outsourced billing company is not telling you that you are not participating on these plans when they get the first denial, and therefore are just writing these off.  It is essential for you to be notified of any first denial for non-participation so you can immediately start the credentialing process with that entity.  Some of these will allow for retro-active dates to the date you first filed a claim with them.  Others will not.  The filing deadline for Medicare Replacements is 60 days, unlike Medicare which allows 1 year. 

BE AWARE of these plans as this can be a major source of revenue to your practice, or a huge hit to your A/R.   Medicare Replacements pay the same as Medicare Part B.  Some of them are PPOs and some are HMOs.  The HMOs will pay 100% of the fee schedule, whereas the PPOs will have co-pays and deductibles. 
Article contributed by Elizabeth Lee, President, Physiatry Reimbursement Specialists, Inc, 1-800-324-4777,



I usually write articles from the perspective of the doctor who is looking for work.  In an effort to make this newsletter of more interest to everyone, what follows is information about how to recruit a doctor.  I will plan to include similar articles in the future. 


Try to provide as much information as possible to the candidate.  Lack of information is probably the number one reason that candidates don’t accept a practice offer nor stay on as long as wanted.  Include objective information about the practice such as visits/day as well as subjective information such as the practice dynamics.  This information might include the personalities of the different doctors and staff, the individual and group goals and the future plans of the entity.
Given that you provide as much information as possible, you should be able to identify whether the candidate has a true interest in your practice opportunity before you proceed with each step of the recruitment process from the initial phone call to the contract offer.  This will save you time and money.  The worst thing that can happen in the recruitment process is when you have to start from scratch when the candidate you identified ultimately tells you that they’re not interested. 

Thank You Referral Bonus


As a thank you, Farr Healthcare, Inc. continues its referral bonus program.  Any doctors you refer to me for a particular opportunity who ultimately start work at that opportunity, Farr Healthcare, Inc. will provide you with a $1,000 as a thank you.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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