A physiatrist contacted me today asking about the average number of vacation days for a senior physiatrist. My guesstimate is about 6 weeks. As I said to him, the number of vacation days as a benefit are often negotiable especially when you are a senior physiatrist and not tied to a particular number.
There is not alot of information available on this subject. I couldn’t find any information specific to career level and the number of vacation days. In general across all levels, an article from the August 27, 2018 New England Journal of Medicine says that Paid Time Off benefits are getting more generous but less flexible. “PTO has become much more clearly defined in recent years,” Ms. Caldwell said. Organizations today are stating the exact number of permitted days off (four to six weeks annually is the common range now), defining what constitutes paid vs. unpaid leave, and being firm on what happens with accrued leave that isn’t taken.”
A sampling of some of the vacation times of positions I’m representing but are not specific to senior physiatrists include 6 weeks an inpatient position in NH), 4 weeks (an interventional position in MA), 4 weeks (a Medical Director, Rehab position in MN), 6 weeks (an interventional position in MN), 3 weeks (inpatient in NV), and 4 weeks in RI (inpatient, consults and interventional).