I’m often asked by practices and hospitals who are looking for doctors about how long it will take to find physiatrists. The answer depends on alot of factors to include. how rural the location is. how competitive the compensation is, how attractive the services are, e.g. outpatient and interventional are more attractive these days to most physiatrists. etc. Once candidates have been identified. then it’s a matter of how responsive the practice is with follow-up, whether the new doctor is licensed in the state or not, how long it takes to provide the new doctor with a contract. etc. Usually the process takes about 6 months.

From a doctor who is looking for a new position. the timeline is also usually longer than anticipated. This is for all of the reasons above and the multitude of other possibilities that could be the case. Usually it takes a practice/hospital about 2 weeks before they review your curriculum vitae. Then, the practice might ask Farr Healthcare. Inc. to do a preliminary interview. The next step if all goes well is the scheduling of a phone interview between the candidate and the practice/hospital. Often. this involves many individuals at the practice/hospital so it may take several weeks or more to identify a mutually satisfactory phone interview date. The same is true for when an on-site interview is scheduled. Before the on-site interview, references will be requested and checked. Again, the timing of their completion is dependent on the availability of the parties involved. Once an on-site visit is completed satisfactorily, then a contract will be presented. Some practices/hospitals have contracts prepared and other practices/hospitals have to go to their lawyer which may take awhile. Contract negotiation also may take weeks into months.