You’ve been invited for a job interview.  Wow, how wonderful!  Your work has just begun.  Let the games of hiring begin!  You should ask for an agenda for the interview and the names and positions of the people who will interview you.  Commit these names to memory so that you can speak to them with comfort and ease. This action will reduce the anxiety that naturally comes with an interview.

There are the obvious questions for which you can prepare answers (please visit my website, and read the information under the Practice Search Tips button.)  However, there are certain questions you shouldn’t ask.  For example, don’t ask “How many doctors are you interviewing?”  This question makes you seem worried and not confident.  As is the case with alot of aspects of the practice search process, this question is something that the physician recruiter can find out for you.

Attitude is a big part of the interview process.  The practice search typically is very long and can take 6 months or longer.  It’s hard for anyone to keep an upbeat attitude during this long, demanding process.  If it’s been some time since your interview and you haven’t heard anything, don’t call the hiring practice/hospital and ask for example “Are there any other questions I can answer?”  This may sound desperate.  Again, if you’re using a recruiter, he/she can find out the status and lobby for you.  If you’re not using a recruiter, use the administrative assistant to garner information.  The administrative assistant is someone you should court from day one.