How do you complete a successful practice search? The answer to this question begs the reader to define success. Everyone has a different definition of suc-cess, therefore, the parameters of a suc-cessful search will be very personal.

You must consider your vision of success to include your goals and the path you must take to accomplish them. Take the time to sit down and contemplate your val-ues. What is important and how important is it – finances, practice location, size, style, and type: proximity to family and friends, etc. Once you’ve identified your values, your practice search will be headed to-wards a successful completion.
Once you’ve identified your ideal practice situation, it’s time to find the ideal opportu-nity. The obvious methods are through the classified ads in the PM&R Journal and The Physiatrist, the AAPMR’s Job Board, recruiters, the Job Fair and bulletin board advertising at the Annual AAPMR Meet-ing.
Practice opportunities can also be found through a more active and, often, more productive approach. Talk with former classmates who are now in practice about opportunities they are aware of within
their own practice or elsewhere in their community. You should also talk with doctors in the area where you wish to practice
On to the interview . . . be prepared to discuss the current health care environ-ment. Engage in dialogues with practic-ing physicians so you can speak to the needs and issues of the practice. Give examples of how you can contribute to the practice’s ongoing success.
Know your references from the start. However, if the interviewer asks for them, you should request a day or two lead time so that you can notify your references of the impending calls. Also tell your references of the needs of the position and how your skill set matches them. You might need to coach them about the strengths they should empha-size.
In conclusion, take time in advance to identify your ideal practice situation. This soul-searching process will direct and streamline your practice search and save you time in the process. Your practice search will be much more enjoyable and rewarding.