• Put yourself in a position to excel. This company strives to foster a positive environment so you can do what you do best – provide quality patient care to improve the well-being of others. Tons of support for you to include dedicated development staff to ensure the unit’s census and dedicated administrative support. Billing, coding, compliance provided to you
  • A leader in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) providing services throughout the continuum of care, including inpatient rehab facilities, short term acute care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and outpatient centers.
  • Commitment to their clinicians begins with respect for their expertise and training, and extends to providing resources, tools, and opportunities for professional and personal growth.
  • Close, collaborative connection between the hospitals and this company

Aerial view of St. Petersburg, Florida at Tampa Bay

Company Features:

  • Founded in 1996 to provide full spectrum Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation services to patients at their site of care. These sites include hospital inpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, long-term acute care facilities and outpatient centers.
  • Operations in Chicago, Daytona, Pensacola
  • Built on a strong foundation of visionary clinical leadership and industry relationships
  • Best in-class care throughout the post-acute continuum
  • Believer in communication, engagement and collective intelligence
  • Employ respectful, driven, service-oriented, growth-minded and quality-based team members
  • Network of 15 physiatrists

St. Petersburg Facility Features:

  • 2 hospital-based rehab units
  • Part of a team
  • 5 FTE physiatrists
  • Multiple post-acute sites in the area
  • Advanced Practice Providers


  • Act as the primary care doctor for the patients
  • See about 20 patients/day
  • Hospital consults
  • Can also provide SNF or assisted living care if interested


  • Employee or independent contractor


  • Competitive depending on need
  • Multiple employment/contractor models based on needs