• Act as the consultant
  • No evenings, no weekends, no call
  • Flexible work schedule at great locations



  • Northeastern NC
  • City population of 17,000

 Practice Features:

  • The physiatrist will not be the main doctor for the patients
  • The facility has strong primary support
  • The facility has PCC that you can chart on
  • To start it will only be work at 1 facility


  • See 30 – 40 patients/week at 2 facilities; therefore 60 – 80 visits/week
  • You can visit the facilities on the same day or different days
  • Required to see the patients every other day twice a week; can see the patients three times a week if medically necessary
  • Can become full-time in 9 – 12 months if desired



  • Independent contractor (1099)
  • The company has affiliations with SNF’s in IL and IN and now NC
  • Non-compete provision


  • 70% of collections; the company will do the billing for you
  • The average reimbursement is $75/encounter
  • Paid at the end of each month
  • Some benefits are possible


  • Mostly Medicare, some commercial

The need for qualified skilled nursing facility physiatrists has increased exponentially recently. Your expertise in skilled nursing physiatry will serve you well, but only if you are able to connect with the right employers. Farr Healthcare can help you connect with these skilled nursing facility employers.