• Well established company with a proven track record
  • Uncapped earning potential; Get paid from day one
  • Provider-driven company with physicians as the backbone and treated as such
  • Flexible compensation packages and work schedules based on your needs


Company Features:


  • An on-site, long-term care health services provider and a pioneer in the field of post-acute care services, shaping the definition of what geriatric care should be.
  • Their team of clinical experts consist of medical directors, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physiatrists, wound-care experts and behavioral health leaders.
  • Their comprehensive clinical program will ensure better outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.
  • Develops a partnership with skilled nursing facilities as well as assisted living facilities
  • Offers Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation services by contracting with physiatrists who specialize in the subacute rehabilitation segment
  • Began in 2016 with the vision of improving the level of quality care in long term care facilities.
  • Their team emphasizes a holistic approach to patient care with a focus on the close collaboration of interdisciplinary teams working with a common goal of improving the well-being of patients. Additionally, incorporate technologies that facilitate open communication and coordination enhancing the access and personalization of care.
  • Their unified model of care, which encompasses the introduction of improved wellness and preventative care services, has proven to significantly reduce 30-day readmission risk with patients in skilled nursing facilities. Their use of best practices and comprehensive evidence-based protocols serve to stabilize patients when more aggressive treatments are needed to treat in place.
  • Their program outcomes drive PDPM reimbursement higher, include robust documentation for audits, increase physician presence, include an interdisciplinary team coordinator
  • Their program drives PDPM reimbursements higher by focusing on capturing accurate/optimal clinical diagnosis categories such as muscle wasting & atrophy, enhanced documentation & insurance peer to peer review supporting facility continued need for skilled care and they select and document additional NTA’s DX codes where appropriate
  • The PDPM increase client outcome – increased clinical category added NTA total= daily rate increase
  • In-house compliance & training program – proprietary template creation in the facility’s PCC, physiatrist PDPM training/on boarding, initial chart review/feedback, facility PDPM report/feedback, recommendations/feedback to the physiatrist
  • The Care Model – short term consultation & follow-up visits, long term care consultation of therapy need, utilization review meetings & follow-up action plan, medical review of interactions & side effects, pain management techniques
  •  Fully supportive and involved clinical and back-office staff
  • Management of billing, credentialing and complianceHas contracts with a nursing home chain in NYC and MI and with 8 facilities in Nashville



  • Work at 2 subacute units within a nursing home that are 3 miles from each other
  • Work a few days/week
  • Individualize rehabilitative treatment plans with a focus on functional restoration
  • Participate in Medicare review and multi-disciplinary meetings regularly
  • Coordination of the rehab team, setting functional goals, managing pain, and troubleshooting complications related to the rehabilitation diagnosis, allowing patients to transition home as quickly and safely as possible
  • Round on patients 1-2 times per week
  • Joint injections and trigger points with special emphasis on opioids reduction programs
  • Flexible work schedule with adherence to preset metrics and facility needs
  • No weekends, nights, or calls
  • See approximately 22 – 30 patients/day
  • Must do consults within 48 hours of admission, then usually do 2 follow-ups/week
  • There is a ramp-up period to grow the patient volume



  • Choice of independent contractor or employee (W-2)
  • Either way, the company will do the billings



  • Flexible compensation packages depending on individual circumstances
  • Compensation averages $250,000 – $350,000 for full-time
  • If an independent contractor, make 65% of the gross if seeing 0-25 patients/day, 70% of the gross if seeing 25+ patients/day
  • If an employee, paid per RVU, varies by area
  • Get paid from day one, absolutely no wait for collection-Most subacute groups when on a collections basis it can take 3 months until the collections come in putting a financial strain on the Physiatrist. This company gives you a small draw right away when you start (low dollar amount per work RVU $12) to give you float money in the meantime until collections come in



  • For full time W2 employees: Health, dental and vision insurance, disability, accident, flexible spending account, critical illness, prepaid-legal, life insurance, workers compensation insurance, CME reimbursement, access to a 401 K, medical malpractice coverage, 16 paid days off and holidays
  • Benefits are not provided for independent contractors except some of the efficient workflows for documentation within the EMR as well as assisting with obtaining malpractice but not paying for it

 Services Provided:


  • Orientation on SNF’s Forms, Templates and Checklists
  • Training on Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) and increase of Medicare reimbursement

 Candidate Qualifications:

  • Board Certified/Qualified physiatrists with excellent interpersonal and communications skills
  • If Board Qualified, must be within 2 years of residency completion
  • Be a team player as part of the interdisciplinary team at the nursing


New Patient review:

  • Identification of potential Diagnostics based on Clinical Assessment and judgement
  • Consultation on Goal development
  • Carepath Consultation on Joint Replacement, Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal, Acute Neurologic, Non- Orthopedic Surgery, Medical Management of Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Acute Infection and Cancer
  • Consultation/documentation of identification of group treatment that would benefit patient progress ·

Attendance of Utilization Review:

  • Review of all short term / skilled patients
  • Review of overall goals, progress, impairments and barriers to continued skill opportunities
  • Early identification of functional declines, serving as a clinical liaison to the attending MD to identify changing clinical/medical condition
  • Review of Section GG Standardized Outcomes Measures
  • Pain Management Techniques
  • Consultation regarding clinical indications of Modality use (Estim, diathermy, ultrasound)
  • Consultation regarding Behavior and Mood indicators impacting progression/rehab

Medication Review:

  • Review of Medications, medication interactions and side effects that may be a hindrance to improved functional progress

ACO/Bundled Care:

  • Consultation of goal and care path management for expedited return to home

Long Term Care Walking Rounds

  • Consultation of Long-Term resident Therapy needs

Specialty program Oversight and Consultation:

  • Pulmonary
  • Cardiac
  • Amputation and Prosthetic Management
  • Neurological
  • Lymphedema
  • Orthopedic and Joint Replacement
  • Aquatic Therapy

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