I was recently asked the following questions from an experienced physiatrist about a practice opportunity.

  1. What relations do you have with the local hospitals?
  2. He’s leaning towards the independent contractor affiliation, is there a non-compete clause?
  3. What are you looking for in the new doctor?
  4. What would the pay be as an employee?  He’s an experienced doctor; he’s a CMO.

One of the advantages of working with a physician recruiter is that you have the ability to get answers to your questions so you can determine if it’s the position you want before even submitting your cv.  Sometimes I have the answers and if not, I asked the hiring entity and get the answers.

The first question is a specific one but relates to the general and important question as to where referrals will come from and how sure those referrals will be.  Regardless of whether you’re pursuing an inpatient or outpatient position, it’s a valid question.  Sometimes referrals are fairly certain when they’re coming from a joint venture hospital or internally when you’re considering an orthopedic group.