These days more and more entities looking to add a doctor are asking questions about productivity. These questions may be part of the initial conversation so be prepared. As I mentioned in my most recent blog, be prepared to answer questions such as:

1.  What is your current acuity level?

2. What is your average length of stay?

3. How many patients/day are you accustomed to seeing and how many would you like to see? How many would you consider to a full load?

You should also be asking the interview quantitative questions such as the following:
1. What is the average daily census?

2. What is the call schedule?

3. What is the time allotted for new and follow-up patients?

As a recruiter. I ask these questions and have additional questions so you should be prepared to provide the answers. I am also willing and able to ask any questions you might have of the hiring entity without mentioning your name. If the hiring entity hesitates to answer these questions or provides little information then that is a potential red flag.