• 211,657 (city), 280,000 (county)

Practice Information:


  • The practice owner was doing outpatient and inpatient until 5 years ago then stopped seeing inpatients because he was too busy
  • Sees patients with migraines, chronic and acute pain
  • Does NCS’s, EMG’s, nerve conduction, botox-spasticity, US-guided injections
  • Was with local hospitals before starting his own practice
  • Staff of 3 secretaries, a PRN, 2 PTA’s & 1 PT, which is his wife
  • EMR is Allegiance
  • Billing through Verocity

Purchase Includes:


  • Beautiful 3,000 square foot office building with a large PT area, 2 doctor’s offices, 3 exam rooms, staff break room, supply storage room and a parking lot; it’s available for purchase, if interested.  The building has solar panels which generate income and pay for the utilities.  You may choose to buy the building or not
  • Patient base
  • US and EMG machines
  • A room ready for fluoro
  • Will introduce you to good referral sources



  • When doing inpatient plus outpatient grossed $1.2M a year
  • For the last 3 years, works only 3 1/2 days/week seeing about 45 patients and collects $700,000



  • $900,000 OBO for the practice; the building price is separate



  • In order of most to least payors: Tri-Care (army), Medicare, Commercial (BC/BS and other insurances), VA (which pays better than Medicare), PI/WC (does mostly EMG’s and PT for them)

 Reason for Sale:


  • Practice owner retiring