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Practice Management

How do I Know if a Physiatry Practice is Busy Enough to Add a New Doctor?

A physiatry resident recently asked me this question.  It reminds me that on occasion I’ve been told by PM&R doctors that the reason they’re calling me to find a new position is because the practice they’re at isn’t busy enough to support them.  Here are some ways to possibly identify beforehand whether a physical medicine and rehabilitation practice you’re considering joining is busy enough to support you:

  1. Ask why they’re adding a new physiatrist.
  2. Make sure there’s a salary as opposed to an incentive based compensation.  Also, that the salary is the major chunk of your compensation as compared to [ . . . ]

Why Can’t I Find a Physiatrist

A practice recently asked me why they can’t find a physiatrist.  There are so many possible reasons.  First might be the practice mentality.  Each practice is unique.  Your practice might not fit the ideal of most candidates.  If you’ve lost several doctors, it might be time for introspection.  However, just as they say, there’s someone for everyone, so holds true with doctor recruitment.

[ . . . ]

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