CMS is offering the option of obtaining a COVID Exception from reporting for MIPS for 2021, according to the following stated criteria from CMS:
Can I Apply for an Extreme and Uncontrollable Circumstances Exception?
Yes. If you believe you have been affected by an extreme and uncontrollable circumstance (such as the public health emergency triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic), you can apply for this exception whether reporting traditional MIPS or the APM Performance Pathway (APP).
Extreme and uncontrollable circumstances are defined as rare events entirely outside of your control and the control of the facility in which you practice. These circumstances would:
 –  Cause you to be unable to collect information necessary to submit for a MIPS performance category;
  –  Cause you to be unable to submit information that would be used to score a MIPS performance category for an extended period of time (for example. if you were unable to collect data for the quality performance category for 3 months), and/or,
  – Impact your normal processes, affecting your performance on cost measures and other administrative claims measures.
In order to apply for this Exception, go to:
–  Go to the Section “Extreme and Uncontrollable Circumstances Exception Application Window is Now Open” and hit Apply
– Select ALL 4 program categories (Quality, Promoting Interoperability, Improvement Activities and Cost).
If approved, you should receive an instantaneous email confirming Approval.

If you get approved, it’s one less headache for your practice in 2021!

This article was contributed by Bruno Stillo, Physiatry Billing Specialists, 800-835-4482,
[email protected]