There are so many questions  that you can ask during your physiatry job interview.  Some of these questions can be found on my website under the Practice Search Tips tab.  However, some of the most important questions are those that you ask that are ultimately about how well you fit the job and the job fits you.

During the interview you certainly want to be keen to listen to what is being said by the interviewer(s).  However, you also want to use the interview to get the information that you want that isn’t being said.  Of course, this requires preparation on your part.

Some of the information you want to obtain is about the nuts and bolts of the job.  However, as much if not more important than the nuts and the bolts of the job are the subjective aspects of the job such as the type of person that the interviewer thinks will best fit it.  The personality nature of the position is equal to and almost more important than the job itself.

Some potential questions to ask about the subjective nature of the job are:

  1. What personal qualities are you seeking for in this position?
  2. What type of person will best be able to fulfill the job responsibilities?
  3. As you’ve come to learn more about me during this interview, is there anything about me that you have questions or even a concern about?
  4. What type of person has been most successful in this position in the past?